Wacom Mobile Studio Pro review

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Wacom Mobile Studio Pro review

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro isn’t for everyone, but it ticks almost every box for the niche demographic it’s targeting, allowing creatives who need access to the full versions of applications like Adobe Photoshop to take their devices on the go.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro looks fairly unremarkable by graphics tablet standards on the surface, so if you’ve come across a listing for it then you might be wondering why it costs so much. Thing is, this highly specialized device isn’t just a drawing tablet, it’s an entire portable workstation, allowing those in professional creative careers to take full versions of popular applications on the go.

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It’s fairly safe to say that with a price tag of $3,500 / £3,200 / AU$5,000 for the 16-inch version or $2,600 / £2,400 / AU$4,200 for the smaller 13-inch model, this pen computer isn’t going to be for everything, but it wasn’t designed to be. 

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