Viral Godzilla Cosplay Armors Up the Famous Kaiju

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Viral Godzilla Cosplay Armors Up the Famous Kaiju

One awesome cosplay has imagined a whole new kind take on the famous kaiju by showing off a new suit of armor inspired by Godzilla! The famous Titan has been tearing through Legendary’s MonsterVerse for the past few years, and although it had seemed to reach a climax with the end of the quadrilogy in Godzilla vs. Kong, this is far from the last time we will be seeing the kaiju in action. There are lots of new projects in the works expanding the MonsterVerse, and surely they will come with all new takes on TOHO’s most famous giant lizard.

Not only is there a new TV series being developed with Apple+ that with further flesh out the MonsterVerse, but there’s also a new sequel now in the works for Godzilla vs. Kong. These projects are still in their early phases of development, so it’s hard to gauge what monsters we might see. But there would be a cool way to armor up the humans for the fight next time around with some killer kaiju looks such as the glowing armor demonstrated by @brysenpai.cos on Instagram! It’s a cool new approach to Godzilla, and you can check it out below: 

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