This real Far Cry 6 watch costs 1,200 real dollars

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This real Far Cry 6 watch costs 1,200 real dollars

For outstanding contributions to the cause, Far Cry 6 heroine Dani Rojas was given a very special timepiece by revolutionary mastermind (and former Yaran spymaster) Juan Cortez: A watch awarded to him by Santos Espinosa, the previous president of Yara, for saving his life in 1983. The Khaki Field Titanium automatic not only keeps flawless time, it grants her a perk that reduces damage taken while sprinting. It’s stylish, too!

Would you like a watch like that to wear in real life? Do you have $1,200 lying around? Is there absolutely nothing else that money would be better spent on than some ridiculous videogame tat? Then you, my friend, are going to want to take a look at the Khaki Field Titanium Far Cry 6 Limited Edition from Hamilton, “identical in design to the in-game watch gear players can wear in Far Cry 6.”

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This snazzy chronograph features a 42mm titanium case, black face dial, and Hamilton’s H-130 three-hand movement, featuring an 80-hour power reserve. The “6” on the dial is styled after the numeral in the Far Cry 6 logo, and a bright red second hand makes it easy to time your assault on the junta forces occupying the peninsula, or your Starbucks order, whatever the case may be. The limited-edition watch comes in special packaging with a replacement leather band, band changing tool, and leather carrying case, and only 1,983 are being made—a commemoration of the watch’s history.

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