The best VPNs for Android: Our picks for phones and tablets

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The best VPNs for Android: Our picks for phones and tablets

Over the past few years we’ve tested loads of VPN services, checking for performance, privacy policies, and extra features. We’ve done most of this work for the PC, and you can find our absolute favorite best VPN picks here. But we’re also testing the Android apps to see which service reigns supreme on Google’s OS. While some services are champs on any platform, others particularly shine on Android devices and we’re here with a curated list to help you choose.

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We consider several criteria when determining the best VPNs for Android. First, it has to be a top performer on the OS. Also, we understand that Wi-Fi can be inconsistent at times, therefore we test these apps over three days, running a total of 15 tests each day (three times for each test country location). Then we considered the Android app itself and whether it was easy to manage, as well as other things such as pricing and the number of simultaneous devices allowed per account. We provide links to the stand-alone app in the Google Play store as well as links to our reviews of the full desktop program—in case you want a complete AV solution for all your devices.

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