The best Peloton alternatives for 2021

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The best Peloton alternatives for 2021

The best Peloton alternatives provide an experience similar to the live studio classes, but are cheaper or more available. Peloton makes one of the best exercise bikes in the market, but it’s so popular that waiting for delivery can last weeks. If you want to cycle sooner — or find an option that’s less expensive — then a Peloton alternative is worth a try.

Like the Peloton, these exercise bikes also come with subscriptions to virtual training sessions, as well as some features that Peloton bikes don’t offer. So clip in and check out our picks for the best Peloton alternatives.

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If you already have a tablet and then get one of the best exercise bikes, you could replicate the Peloton experience without spending upwards of $2,000. The real selling point of Peloton is its expansive fitness classes, instructors who will motivate you, and leaderboards to see how you stack up against the competition.

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