The best budgeting apps for 2022

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The best budgeting apps for 2022

Saving money is more of a challenge than ever in this age of skyrocketing prices. That’s where the best budgeting apps can help you to keep track of — and get ahead of — your personal finances. 

We all think about our money differently, which leads to having different approaches to following your money. With this in mind, we tested the best online budgeting apps to find the best options to help you make creating a budget less onerous.

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Our top pick for the best budgeting apps is Simplifi by Quicken. For a small monthly fee, Simplifi provides attractive and flexible visualizations that make it easy to track the flow of your money. And its features can be applied to several approaches to budgeting, a unique feature among the services we tested. Simplifi has strong guidance on how to use its tools to create budgets and save for the future.

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