The best bed frames and bases in 2022: top-rated options for all budgets

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The best bed frames and bases in 2022: top-rated options for all budgets

A great bed frame or base can make or break your mattress, so it’s worth taking the time to pick the best one for your needs, rather than tacking it on as an afterthought. When choosing a bed frame or base, think about the type of mattress you own or want, as certain types work better with specific bed frames. You won’t be short of options, as all of this year’s best mattresses can be used with a wide range of bed frames.

Here we’ve curated our pick of the top bed frames and bases for all budgets, from platforms and ottoman storage beds to divans and pain-relieving adjustable beds. But with so many on offer, how do you pick between them? From our experience of testing the latest models, the best bed frames offer plenty of support and sturdiness. They also ensure good airflow from the ground up so you sleep cooler, and they’ll work with your mattress rather than against it.

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Memory foam mattresses, for example, work well on slatted bed bases that aren’t too widely spaced apart; otherwise, the foam spills through, risking premature sagging. Hybrid mattresses are the easiest to match with a bed frame unless it’s an adjustable bed – you’ll need to check compatibility first, as some hybrids have zoned support that can be damaged by the mechanisms of an adjustable bed. 

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