Outriders: The Drought Palace Expedition Guide

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Outriders: The Drought Palace Expedition Guide

Tackle one of Outriders’ hardest Expeditions with this guide.

Outriders features 14 unique Expeditions that players can farm to earn legendaries and other endgame items. Completing them as quickly as possible is best if you're attempting to farm items quickly, although the New Horizon update removed Expedition timers altogether.

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The Drought Palace is easily one of the worst Expeditions to farm in Outriders. This mission has a tough timer, includes a section with five minibosses, has an obelisk section, and costs Drop Pod Resources to even attempt. As tough as this mission is, The Drought Palace is a great mission to practice if you're preparing to tackle the Eye of the Storm or Challenge Tier 15 Expeditions. For those that want a challenge, here is what you can expect from Outriders' The Drought Palace Expedition.

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