Mu6 Ring review

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Mu6 Ring review

Designed for use at home and during workouts, this set of headband-style headphones claims ‘air conduction’, which basically means it’s like bone conduction, but without the weird sensations (and without the bass). At its best with music, podcasts, talk radio, hands-free calls and video calls, the Mu6 Ring is well made, easy to use and good value. It’s also extraordinarily lightweight and malleable, though the downside is a sound quality that doesn’t suit bass-heavy music. There’s also significant sound leakage.

The Mu6 Ring will suit anyone after a pair of comfy, easy to use and hassle-free headphones for working out, working from home and video calls. Does that sound like your regular kind of day?

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Using an open design and eschewing the bone conduction technology used by competitors, the makers of the Mu6 Ring have crafted a flexible, versatile and easy to use product that excels in some specific scenarios.

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