Knockout City Season 3 is called “Hacked” and it drops next month

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Knockout City Season 3 is called “Hacked” and it drops next month

Players will be getting “hacked” in Knockout City‘s upcoming third season, which releases on October 5, 2021.

In an update on the official EA website, developer Velan Studios detailed what was coming up in October’s update, including details of a new map and a new Brawl Pass battle pass that will run alongside the game’s existing Street Rank system.

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“Season 3 is just a short way away, and we’ve got a lot to cover with everything that’s goin’ on around here,” the update teases. “Speaking of, it’s a little… different out there. Seems like the DJ isn’t the only one who’s been paying attention to what’s going on in Knockout City – looks like we got an extra visitor here with us. Keeps poppin’ in and lookin’ around, calls themself Z3R0. Not sure how they got here, but pretty sure it’s got something to do with this Season’s theme. They’ve taken over the airwaves and it sounds like they’re here to stay.”

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