How to Snap Like Windows 11 on Windows 10

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How to Snap Like Windows 11 on Windows 10

Windows 11‘s “Snap Layout” feature lets you quickly move a window to a specific region of the screen by hovering over the “Maximize” button. How can you replicate that in Windows 10? We’ll show you a few ways.

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Windows has had “Snap” features since Windows 7, and they were greatly improved in Windows 10. You can’t do all of the advanced layouts that Windows 11 offers, but Windows 10 can do a lot more than the side-by-side two windows that most people know.

What makes all of this easy to use is something called “Snap Assist.” Rather than manually resizing and moving windows around, you can simply drag them to areas on the screen, and Windows 10 will automatically do the work for you.

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