How to Reset Your Fitbit

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How to Reset Your Fitbit

How you reset a Fitbit and return it to factory settings differs from device to device though, and some models don’t offer a factory reset option. To find how to reset your device, skip to the section below that matches the Fitbit model you have.

These instructions apply to the Fitbit Flex, Charge, Blaze, Surge, Iconic, and Versa. Have a Fitbit Alta? See our piece on how to reset Alta and Fitbit Alta HR.

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A factory reset deletes all previously stored data, as well as any data that hasn't yet synced to your Fitbit account. It also resets settings for notifications, goals, alarms, and so on. A restart, which can also resolve minor problems, simply reboots the device and no data is lost (except saved notifications). Always try a restart first and use a reset as a last resort.

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