Corsair K100 Air review: Skinny keyboard, fat price tag

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Corsair K100 Air review: Skinny keyboard, fat price tag

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History runs in cycles. And so, apparently, do trends in PC accessories. After about a decade of obsession with big, chunky, clicky mechanical keyboards, we’re starting to see manufacturers return to the thinner, sleeker designs seen in the early 2000s. But with two crucial differences: They’re bringing what they’ve learned from mechanical designs to these older form factors, and the prices are absolutely astronomical. 

So it is with the Corsair K100 Air. This super-thin keyboard is the first desktop design to feature Cherry’s Ultra-Low Profile switches, otherwise seen in high-end gaming laptops. The result is a board that fuses the satisfying click and resistance of mechanical keys (albeit with much shorter key travel) with a visual aesthetic that might just be the slickest thing on the market. 

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