Black Widow Was The Only Civil War Avenger Who Was Right (Not Cap Or Iron Man)

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Black Widow Was The Only Civil War Avenger Who Was Right (Not Cap Or Iron Man)

The debate still rages over which side was right in Civil War: Team Cap or Team Iron Man. The reality is that only Black Widow saw the whole picture.

Six years after its release, people still debate the question of which team was right in Captain America: Civil War — Team Cap or Team Iron Man — but the truth is that only Black Widow was right all along. The argument has been ongoing ever since the release of Captain America: Civil War in 2016, and while most people have been on the side of Captain America over the years — it was his movie, after all — others point to the fact that the collateral damage and destruction the Avengers caused before and since make for a compelling case for Iron Man’s argument.

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The crux of Captain America: Civil War’s central conflict, and the question of which team was right, revolved around the introduction of the MCU’s Sokovia Accords, rules that still exist today. After the Avengers’ very public mistakes leading to accidental civilian casualties and collateral damage in places like Lagos, Sokovia, and others, the United Nations drafted the Sokovia Accords, an international agreement that would put superpowered people on a global registration list and place them under the jurisdiction of the UN; the Avengers would only be able to act on sanctioned missions. On one side was Steve Rogers, who refused to sign, fearing that they’d be turned into attack dogs for political reasons or be hindered in effectively operating. On the other was Tony Stark, who was desperate to atone for the Avengers’ deadly mistakes and saw government oversight as a reasonable compromise.

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