Best mobile hotspots in 2022

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Best mobile hotspots in 2022

The best mobile hotspots can be a vital tool for staying connected, whether you’re hitting the road or stuck somewhere with a shaky wireless network. Even if you’ve got a smartphone and a plan that includes hotspot data, having a dedicated device that keeps you connected can be essential to staying productive on the go.

It’s true that a phone can be perfectly adequate as a hotspot in a pinch. But for anyone regularly out and about, a standalone hotspot makes more sense. Your phone is often busy doing other things — making phone calls, sending and receiving email, catching up on Slack, Twitter, or the latest news — which also require access to a cellular network. If you don’t want the potential disruption or bandwidth limitations of your phone’s hotspot, a standalone hotspot can provide additional connectivity. 

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What’s more, that smartphone you’re carrying around is likely your personal device. If so, you’re not going to want to burn up your cellular data allocation for anything other than personal use. That’s why a mobile hotspot is a very important tool for mobile workers and frequent business travelers.

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